For ease of calculation I charge separately for

  1. Travel
  2. Fitting and trying new and secondhand saddles or checking your existing one
  3. On-site alterations to your existing saddle
  4. Workshop alterations

1. Travel Charge: (can be split between two or more customers on the same yard)

Local (up to 10 miles): £15
10 to 25 miles: £30
25 to 50 miles: £40
Over 50 miles: Please Contact
Note: Visit charges are applicable even for the first saddle check on a new saddle.

2. Fitting / checking charges:

Fitting and trying new and second hand saddles: £36 per horse

First check on a new saddle purchased from me: No charge providing the saddle was purchased within the preceding 3 months.

Subsequent checks, or checking a customers existing saddle: £30 per horse

Check 2 or more saddles on one horse: £20 per saddle

Travel and Fitting charges are payable in addition to the price of a new or secondhand saddle.

3. On-site Alterations:

Flocking: £42

First Flocking/Rebalancing of a new saddle purchased from me within the preceding 3 months:  £20

Swap Gullet bar: £24

New Gullet bar: £25 to £30, depending on make

Tree Alteration: £60

4. Workshop charges:

Total reflock: £120
Other charges can be determined when I examine the saddle.


Payment Options

Credit/Debit card (I have a mobile card machine which needs a 3G signal). Please note I cannot take over-the-phone card payments. Cheque, Cash or Bank Transfer are also fine.