Please complete the form below if you wish to book a saddle fitting or check, or if you prefer, please contact me on 07941 512933.

  • Please bear in mind that I will need to see the horse ridden, even if I am just checking its existing saddle, and especially if we are fitting a new one, so we will need the use of an arena or suitable area for trotting and cantering and even jumping.
  • Allow one hour for a saddle check and two hours for a saddle fitting.
  • I will of course bring out all suitable saddles within your budget, including second hand, but it really helps if I have some idea of the top end when I am loading the van.
  • Once I have the above information I will give you some date options and we will book your fitting.

    Before I visit, please familiarise yourself with my Terms and Conditions, and Visit and Fitting Charges.

    If you need to cancel or change your appointment, please do so as soon as possible, or certainly at least 24 hours beforehand. I understand that horses go lame, plans change, riders injure themselves etc!

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