What is my Second Hand Saddle worth?

7th May 2024
As a rule, when I value someone’s saddle, firstly I look up the current RRP (Recommended Retail Price). If the saddle is in good but used condition, I advise asking half of the current RRP. If the saddle has been lightly used and was recently purchased, or if it could almost pass as new, I say ¾, and if it is very well used, or an older model that is not currently produced, maybe ¼ to 1/3 of the new price, depending on the demand for the type of saddle.

However, before any valuation can take place the saddle has to be examined to make sure the tree and the stitching is sound, and that the flocking isn’t hard and lumpy. Any repairs should be carried out before the saddle is offered for sale.

I also offer a service, where I take a client’s used saddle to sell on their behalf. This service is offered on a commission basis, where I take between 20 and 25% once the saddle is sold. However, I only accept saddles I think I can sell. Please do not expect your used saddle to sell overnight – sometimes they go very quickly, but others can take months! If you decide that you would like the saddle back at any time, then this is fine – unless I have just sold it of course!

I currently have a good selection of used saddles – especially dressage – across a range of brands.

Please feel free to look at my website “used saddles” page, where you can read the terms and conditions of my commission sales www.wills-saddlefitter.co.uk/used-saddles.

Please feel free to drop me an email or call me to discuss the sale of your own saddle: