Visit to Albion Saddlemakers Co. Ltd

31st May 2023

What an amazing visit I had last week to Albion Saddlemakers Co. Ltd

Albion, originally formed in the 1980’s, is a very well known and prestigious brand of British made saddles. They have recently launched some new models and updated some existing ones in order consolidate their place at the forefront of the industry. I was lucky enough to be invited to a workshop at their factory premises in Walsall to see the latest technology and techniques that they have incorporated into their saddle making. The ethos is that only the best materials and leathers will do, and to see the level of perfectionism and skill of the saddle makers was truly impressive. The workshop included a visit to a local dressage yard to see the saddles ridden in.

With the current trend of adjustable saddles, most Albion saddles now have the “Adjusta” tree. This means that the saddles can be adjusted on site by up to one fit should your horse change shape.

If you would like more information about Albion Saddles or any of the other brands I hold, please do not hesitate to get in touch.