Testimonial – Jessica Clews

12th July 2018

I have had lessons with Antonia for 4 years now with various horses. She has taken me from being a nervous BE90 rider to successfully completing my first novice with a double clear. Antonia goes above and beyond your average instructor. Nothing is too big of an ask for Antonia, she will come and teach me at any venue and she has also attended many events with me. Antonia’s wealth of competition knowledge and experience, for me, is her most valuable asset as a teacher. Anyone can help improve your riding at home, but Antonia has totally transformed my competition riding.
Another highly beneficial aspect of having Antonia as a coach is her saddle fitting qualifications. Antonia regularly checks all my saddles during my lessons which is really helpful as the horses do change shape over the course of the year.

Antonia always keeps us on our toes in our lessons by using lots of gymnastic exercises and skinny fences, this has helped improve my horses jumping techniques as well as making me more forward thinking. I would not have progressed as I have as a rider without the help I have had from Antonia.