Mono (Single) Flap or Double Flap?

10th April 2024

What’s the difference? Which is best?

Traditionally all saddles were double flap. Jump and GP saddles had short girth tabs, needing a long girth, and dressage saddles had long straps hanging below the saddle flaps and needing a short girth, the idea being that you would then not have the bulk of the girth buckles under the riders leg – super important for dressage, when you are riding with a longer leg position.

Then event riders argued that jump saddles should also be designed with long girth straps, and furthermore, if a monoflap design could be developed, there would be even less bulk under the rider’s leg. The manufacturers then started producing monoflap jump and monoflap dressage saddles – for the ultimate closeness in both disciplines. However, most show jumping riders and a few professional event riders still prefer double flap jump saddles – it really is down to personal preference.

Monoflap saddles tend to work very well, and I love them. However, some manufacturers fix the girth straps to the bottom of the flap, so the girth doesn’t line up with the horse’s girth groove, and leading to riders putting the saddle on too far forwards. The monoflap saddles I sell have moveable girth straps avoiding this issue.

General Purpose and showing saddles, being more traditional, are still largely double flap as hunting/hacking riders find it easier to tighten the girth. There is an added advantage for the saddle fitter as there are normally more girthing positions available for horses that tend to move saddles off to one side.

If you do chose a monoflap saddle, please ensure that the girth is long enough for the buckles to be well clear of the horse’s elbows. The top of the girth, when tightened, should sit just below your numnah or square. This will also make it easier for you to tighten the girth yourself when on board.

If you would like to discuss what saddle would be nest for you and your horse, or to book a saddle assessment, then please feel free to contact me on 📲 07941 512933 for more information.