Is the leather on your saddle becoming damaged?

9th October 2023

Do you wear Grippy Silicone Breeches? Or water proof trousers?

I was recently contacted by a customer concerned that the leather on her saddle was ‘peeling’. She revealed that she had been wearing grippy silicone breeches. Luckily the manufacturers in this case replaced the seat, with the warning that the breeches impregnated with silicon can cause this problem.

The other legwear to avoid is waterproof overtrousers – particularly if you are riding in the rain (ironic as that’s presumably why you would be wearing them!). This can also damage the leather.

The best way to avoid this problem is to not use any silicone breeches or waterproof overtousers! If you need to – I would advise using a suitable seat saver on your saddle.
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