Buying A Used Saddle

16th November 2023

So, you think you know exactly what saddle you need for your horse, and it’s so much cheaper to buy it from Ebay or Facebook! Or is it?

The problem is… you have no idea of the provenance of the saddle, and you can never tell until you have it in your possession and then it’s too late to return it… Unfortunately, this is something I come across often, when attending saddle fitting assessments.

Some examples of such issues are:
✅Altered width.
✅Internal damage e.g., a broken tree.
✅Over flocked, resulting in rock hard or lumpy panels.

As well as new, I also sell used saddles, however you can relax in knowledge that the second hand saddles that I sell have been rigorously checked. How…?

✅Firstly, I must check the saddle for its soundness. Although I do not take the saddle apart to check the tree, I do check the front arch (which should be rigid) and then the length of the tree (which might have a small amount of “give”) listening out for any suspicious creaks which will indicate a problem.

✅I check the panels for symmetry, making sure the flocking is even and smooth (if not I will need to totally reflock the saddle to make it sellable).

✅I also look at the stitching and the integrity of the girth billets (these can be replaced if they have stretched to the point of being unsafe, or the holes have started to split).

✅Finally, I will assess the condition of the saddle – is the leather faded, how much use has the saddle had, are there any blemishes on the cantle etc.

The important thing is that the saddle fits your horse and is comfortable for both horse and rider. Any savings that have made buying from the internet will be immediately lost if your horse becomes sore in its back necessitating treatment – and possibly a new saddle! If you have your saddle professionally fitted you have the comfort of knowing that it is safe and will be comfortable for both horse and rider.

For a list of the second hand saddles I currently offer, please visit my website, where you will also find my saddle fitting procedure and charges.

Alternatively, please contact me on 07941 512933.

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