Amerigo Saddles

14th June 2023
Last year, I attended the Amerigo Seminar, held at the enviable yard of Amerigo sponsored dressage riders Maria and Michael Eilberg, and their father, elite trainer Ferdi Eilberg. I have long been a saddle fitter for Amerigo, and I love the ethos behind the design of these beautiful, prestigious saddles – I actually used to ride my event horses in Amerigos, and they are the chosen saddles of Lucinda and Lissa Green, Louise Bell and Louise Saywell among others.
Amerigo saddles are the creation of the Swiss founder Peter Menet, who started the brand in 1998. Peter has studied the way horses move and work and designs saddles with trees that perfectly mirror each individual horse’s conformation, so that the rider is placed in a perfect balance for that horse. It means that as a saddle fitter I have to select the correct model for each horse that I see. Unlike many top competition saddles (which have foam panels), Amerigos have wool flocked panels which bed in and conform to the horses shape. Once correctly fitted they are supremely comfortable for horse and rider, enabling both to perform at their best.
I have built a good stock of demonstrator Amerigo saddles. If you would like to try an Amerigo saddle for your horse, please contact me on 07941 512933.