About Me

7th October 2023

I am a Qualified Saddle Fitter, Registered with the Society of Master Saddlers.

I am fully mobile and travel throughout England – so will visit you at your yard, at your convenience (I do not have facilities for you to bring your horse to me).

If you wish to consider buying a saddle, I will bring a suitable selection with me of new and used saddles, based on the details you have provided me with. Although most of the time I have the saddle you need in my van, if we need to order a saddle in, or have one made to measure, I can take full templates and place the order.

I carry a large number of brands, most of which are adjustable.

During a fitting I will give you as much time as you need – normally allow a couple of hours. I will always take templates and a brief history, and assess your horse’s conformation and condition, before we start. We will need a suitable area / arena to ride in the saddles, and I am very happy if you would like your instructor / advisor to be present.

If you wish me to check your existing saddle, and adjust it to fit if necessary, I can normally do this on site, and again I will need to see you ride in the saddle. If it requires more work, I will take the saddle back to my workshop.

I cannot offer second opinions on saddles that have been purchased within the last six months.

Please contact me on ☎ 07941 512933, or by email 📥 [email protected] to enquire about a saddle fitting appointment
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